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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 26, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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shenandoah regional airport, tappahannock in the northern neck a half mile. elsewhere visibilities are not too bad at all. temperatures running from the a 0s -- 54 culpeper. 55 martinburg and manassas to 64 here in town. a couple of 55s in the eastern shore. locally 56 reston and ft. belvoir. angie? >> it will be toasty. good morning, everybody. hope you are having a great morning. so far so good if you look inside the beltway. we are also going to move you up to 270 where i have better news. looks like the accident at route 80 as cleared. notice the yellow stars around route 85. that should break apart shortly. move to the outer loop. we are tracking volume. the sun is rising. drivers are slowing down university and georgia avenue. check on route 4, branch avenue, also 301 crane highway. all of this reveals that drivers are moving at a good
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space. overall no incidents or accidents this way. 95 northbound in virginia. that's how we will wrap it up. slow between the prince william parkway and route 1. looks like coming off the exit here we have some cars pulled over blocking the ramp near route 1. send it over to andrea. thank you, angie. the dc city council will consider a tax on people who work for the district but live outside of the city's borders. that's about 70% of dc government workers. kristin fisher is live outside of the wilson government building with a preview. >> good morning. let's say you work for dc's city government but maybe you live outside of the city in the suburbs or maybe even as close as bethesda or arlington. then you are one of the people that would have to pay this so- called commuter tax. the dc city council approves it this morning. we are talking teachers, principals, janitors, police officers, all of them. now, opponents argue it is simply not fair. after all many of these people are blue collar workers who
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commute because living in the city is too expensive, but the sponsor of the proposal, harry thomas insists that the tax is fair. in fact, he doesn't even call ate commuter tax. the official term is the district tax dollars fairness act of 2010. >> it's not a commuter tax. it's a pay at the source tax. we're paying your salary. we think the should be able to benefit from the salaries of our taxpayers paying you to come here every day. >> 30% of the employees live outside of the city and that respects $1 billion outside of the reach of dc laws tv passed the so-called tax broad bring in $70 million to dc's city government. clearly, some dc workers are very upset about the proposal, but others seem to say they don't mind it so much. they actually understand some of the rationale behind it. we will hear from both sides coming up at 6:30. back to you. >> thank you.
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also today the dc council will vote whether the 5 cents fee you pay for disposable bag will go to the anacostia river. that's where the money is supposed to go but earlier this month we told you some is being diverted to the general fund to pay for other projects. metro is cutting back service for the elderly and disabled. it operates under the name metro access. beginning july 1st, metro will have tighter scrutiny to determine who's allowed to use the service and the cost of a ride will go up. this is because of metro's growing budget crisis. detectives are looking for a motive focused on sex. more interrogation tapes were played in the courtroom yesterday. wone was killed in a dupont circle townhouse of three gay men. during questioning, they asked why a straight man would spend the night there instead of driving 15 miles back to his house in oakton, virginia. the defendants denied any sexual interest in wone and continued to say an intruder
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killed him. police need your help to catch a serial bank robber. it is a man they dubbed the professor bandit. you can see he got the name because of the reading reading class glasses he wears. he has hit several banks in the early afternoon, all of them in downtown areas like captiol hill, dupont circle and penn corridor. they say it is done calmly. he walks in, hands over a note. gets his money and walks out. >> he keeps his head down. he's quiet. and as soon as he gets the money he walks out and not another word is said. >> reporter: this robber seems to be targeting pnc and chevy chase banks. a prince georges county school bus driver accused of molesting a 7-year-old boy who rode one of his routes is due in court for a detention hearing today. this afternoon's hearing comes as we learn more about scott smallwood. county officials say he drove for six schools in the county. the list includes high school
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douglas, weiss and gwynn park. officials say he passed a criminal background and fingerprint check before getting hired. court records also revealed nothing in his past. an rotc instructor in howard county is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year- old student. police arrested 51-year-old charles ray moore of bowie. a student at appleton high school said she engaged with sexual acts with moore at the school twice this month. moore is now free on bond. the father of a marine killed in iraq says antigay protesters who rallied outside of his son's funeral should not be protected under free speech. he filed suite against the baptist church after they picketed the 2006 funeral of marine corporal snyder. the church believes u.s. deaths in iraq are a punishment from god for america's tolerance of
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homosexually. the supreme court will take up the issue in the next term in october. it is 6 after the hour. time for a "living $mart" report. it is graduation time and if you are a parent or a student thinking of how to pay for higher education in a tough economy, a new study has some news for you. millions of dollars in college financial assistance goes unclaimed each year. jessica doyle tells you why an how you might be able to find money to help fund your division bill. >> millions of dollars in college aid, untapped by the students who may need it the most. a new report from the college board and the american association of community colleges found that community college students are less likely to apply for need-based federal financial aid than counterparts attending four- year schools. missing out on critical funding. >> we are finding that the reason those funds are not being used is parents and families just don't know they are available and don't know how to use them. >> reporter: among the reasons
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for not applying, misconceptions that the paperwork will be too difficult. >> i think it is more of a fear of it than the reality of it once they sit down and fill out the forms. they find it is not that difficult. >> reporter: community college enrollment exploded during the recession but there are still students who believe education beyond high school is beyond their financial means. so, if you are looking to enroll this summer or fall they say to start with the aid office at the community college. they can help you apply for a variety of federal and state grants and loans. jessica doyle, 9 news now. it is 7 after the hour. in ten minutes, details on a job fair in the district today. lunch plus -- i'm tara mergener in washington. bp makes another attempt today to cap that massive oil leak in the gulf. the latest coming up. right now at after the hour we focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> it is a nice morning across maryland with temperatures in
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the 50s and 60s and looking at a good day although a slight chance of a thunderstorm but less than 20%. look at maryland this morning. starting off cool and sunny. a couple of high clouds out there. low 60s. by 9:00, we are already pushing low 70s in many areas with plenty of sunshine. noon hour, we could be in the low 80s in a couple of spots and as we head to the afternoon we are talking about highs in the upper 80s, near 90 and cooler by the bay. 6:08. maryland traffic for you. >> let's begin with clopper road and quince orchard. right now everything is nice and quiet out here. no incidents or accidents to report. as we switch it over to georgia avenue and viersmill, the same situation here. drivers are moving at speed and finally a metro alert for you. those who use the red line, we are seeing major delays between judiciary square and georgia avenue. we are just getting started here on 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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we want to bring you the latest on the disaster in the gulf. this morning congressman moran will lead a response on the impact to the oil spill. he chair an environmental approachuations committee. it will come as bp executes what it calls a top kill effort to cap the leak. tara mergener shows how it is supposed to work. >> reporter: underwater robots inspected the ruptured well this morning in preparation for bp's next fix.
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as early as today, crews will pump heavy mud and cement down in to the well head to block the oil flow. the tactic has been done before, but never 5,000 feet under water. >> everybody, of course, is waiting with baited breath to see what happens here and nobody more concerned than i am. >> reporter: bp officials believe there's a 60 to 70% chance their latest technique will work but also the possibility it could make the leak even worse. scientists say recent underwater video shows the plume of oil growing darker, which could mean more crude is gushing out. there are growing signs the disaster could have been avoided. two congressmen say bp's internal investigation reveals there were red flags, hours before the oil rig exploded. in a minimum row, henry waxman and bart stupak point to warning signs like equipment problem and unexpected loss of fluid from the pipe. >> nobody is more upset than me. >> reporter: president obama
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shared his frustration over the spill at a san francisco fund- raiser last night. he's expected to call for tougher safety requirements for off-shore drilling and stronger inspections tomorrow. >> we are having to do a thorough review to see how it is that oil companies can sigh they know how to handle these problems when it turns out actually they don't. >> reporter: the president will get to see the cleanup efforts firsthand on friday when he visits louisiana. it will be the second trip to the region in the past month. tara mergener, 9 news now. >> as coverage of the spill continues at click on the banner on the right side of the home page. learn how the top kill method is supposed to work and see how far the spill has spread. here's what is in the news now. 1200 national guard troops are on the way to our border with mexico. president obama sent them there to provide intelligence. he's asking congress for more money to protect the border.
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secretary of state hillary clinton is in south korea this morning. she says the world must respond to north korea's sinking of a south korean warship. the visit to seoul follows her visit to beijing. imagine waking up on a plane three hours after you landed. that happened to a woman on the united express flight from dulles to philadelphia. the crew and other passengers were long gone. the israel is investigating. >> oops. >> wow. i was saying we are all in this. did anyone else see this, nudge her? maybe not. obviously not. >> obviously not. >> let's get to weather. nice morning out there. we will have some heat building the next couple of days but by friday that heat will break. we don't call it a heat wave but we will be close. the forecast on this wednesday morning. temperatures today and tomorrow, upper 80s to the low 90s on thursday. one or two of us may see a storm but really tomorrow and friday is much better chances
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of storms. especially friday with shower and cooler air as a front will come at us from the northeast. a back door cold front as we call them in the weather orlando. the bus stop forecast. it is nice out there. comfortable. mild if you will. patchy patchy fog in a couple of spots. partly sunny and hot here. near 90. north winds five to ten. yesterday in the low 80s. today upper 80s to near 90 and tonight partly cloudy and muggy. a stray thunderstorm is possible mid-60s to low 70s. a stick did night ahead with a northwest wind on the light side. 5 miles an hour or less. 8:23 on the sunset. a little fog as we talk about. tappahannock up from a half mile to a mile and three quarters. ten miles here in town and four in gaithersburg. most of the visible issues are out west in the shenandoah valley and points west where temperatures are in the 50s. 54 culpeper.
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62 on the bay in annapolis. 64 hagerstown and 63 this morning in leesburg. locally 64 at national. partly cloudy skies out there with calm winds. dew point in the upper 50s. watch this number. tomorrow i expect that dew point to be in the 60s. the higher that number gets, the stickier it feels. still have that storm. an area of low pressure, nontropical in the atlantic with showers along the carolina coast in to southeastern virginia. it will stay there. a front will drive south southwest. i know an unusual direction but that's where it is coming from. first we will tap the warm air and then the front will bring us a shower threat for friday. our seven-day forecast, the hot weather today and tomorrow with a couple of storms tomorrow. slight chance today. cooler on friday with showers likely. saturday and sunday now look better than i was thinking yesterday and monday, we will try to hold off the storm late and then tuesday some storms and 84.
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the holiday weekend is looking better. >> sounds good to me. looks like slow goes are starting to set in across the region. notice, we have a little icon near 395. take it outside and show you. going northbound is where we have crash activity. this is around the duke street exit. taking away two left lanes and drivers right now are slow back around the edsall exit. taking it over to 66. we take a live look from sky 9. this is the situation. no incidents or accidents but from route 29 to route 28 you see that congestion. you are dragging along and it's like that from 50 to 123, as well. you are okay approaching the beltway. on the outer loop we are watching speed drop. it will be bright and sunny out there. from new hampshire to georgia, going a little slow. and metro alert. as we take a look here. the red line. we are seeing delays between judiciary square and new york avenue because we have some disabled turnpike equipment and we know these tracks they are
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sharing a single track. you have to factor in extra time. around ya, over to you. >> our time is 6:17. dc council member michael brown is hosting a job fair for district residents today. it follows last week's jobs workshop. the job fair runs from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. it will be held at the boys and girls club at 1902 mississippi avenue in southeast washington. employers, such as cvs, h&r block and the dc lottery will be there. from boots to shoes is the idea for many military veterans as they embark on new careers. alex trevino met defenders of our country trying to get in the door of a job fair in upper marlboro, maryland. >> do you have a resume. >> i definitely do. >> reporter: job seekers came with prepared credentials, polished shoes and positive attitudes. many arrived from the battlefield. >> the goal is to try to get my veterans in front of the
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federal agencies as much as possible. >> reporter: there are many companies who value men and women with military experience. the securities area, law enforcement and information technology fields. from fighting the war on the front lines to standing in line to try too find a job is not easy for some vets but some employers say these defenders of our country often have an edge over the others. >> military veterans make ideal candidates because they actually have the discipline. and also our training program, which is a para military training, they already have that discipline. >> reporter: that's why frederick is knocking on the door of capitol police. the exmarine has specialized skills that qualify him to wear the uniform. >> i was in the marine corps pretty much i was doing admin but i wasn't on the range. but i have the experience and i can use it as a civilian. >> being a prior air force veteran myself, it is a great sleeping tool for me at night. >> it is a great feeling.
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>> in upper marlboro, alex trevino, 9 news now. >> the president of the community and veterans jobs fair james mcelroy says even in rough economic times most vets that participant find a job within 30 days. ahead in sports the nfl sends the super bowl until new jersey. wait until you hear dan snyder's reaction. the highlights of the nationals versus the giants are in three minutes. back. cc
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it's time for the sports reports. the nationals first stop san francisco. hes toes the bats around and he was trying to wake them up and looks like it worked.
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nationals lose 4-2. now with the rest of the sports here's brett haber. good morning. super bowl has always been held in a warm city and we want a warm vacation if february. starting three years from now it will be packing ear must haves instead of bathing suits. they voted to play super bowl 48 in new york or at least across the river there from new york at the meadow lands and for those who fear the big apple's cold weather in february, the new york delegation says, man up, would ya? >> this is football. this isn't beach volleyball. i have always thought football should be played in this kind of weather. >> i hope it is cold. you know what green bay was cold. it was negative 26. who cares about cold weather? >> that's a football players attitude. not everyone is happy about it. dan snyder is asking if new york can have a cold weather super bowl why not dc.
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the redskins owners have been banging the drum to bring one here since he took over the team and he expressed frustration to the "washington post" yesterday says i think washington should get one, no matter what. it is the nation's capital. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great wednesday, everybody. still to come, we will check in with the shuttle "atlantis" and find out when it is supposed to land today. and learning the -- and one thing that home buyers need to see before closing the deal. 395 northbound. here's the update. at duke street the accident is pushed to the right shoulder. lanes are stacked back to the mixing bowl. more tieups to avoid coming up. a beautiful morning out here on the weather terrace in northwest washington. we will talk about how warm things will get when 9 news now returns.
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at ♪[ music ] a final wakeup call this morning from the "atlantis" crew. the song is called super massive black hole. the shuttle is on the way home today. landing is stet for 8:48 this morning. this is "atlantis'" final scheduled mission. thank you for starting would you jones with us.
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howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. how's the weather looking? >> in florida they will be i think okay. the storm system in the atlantic is affecting the carolinas and points north. so central florida should be, knock on wood, okay for that. let's talk about our weather. a gorgeous morning out hoar. a lot of sunshine and comfortable. we have some problems with visible to the west and south. you see the moisture source heading to the carolina coast and down to norfolk. around here, a couple of high clouds. pretty morning. we are in the 60s. there have been 50s and cooler temperatures have allowed the fog to form. quarter mile in martinsburg. tappahannock better, but just got off the phone with bill in new land and he said a zero in stanton and half mile in winchester. it will be warm today upper 80s to near 90. stray thunderstorm is possible. a traffic update for you. from fairfax county to prince georges county, no major problems to report out there across the viewing area.
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you see a little car icon near 395. let's update you on the situation. northbound the crash activity is pushed to the right shoulder. drivers are going slow around the mixing bowl. as we take a live look from sky 9. this is also impacting the stand still traffic we are experiencing on 95 before that. it looks like we are delayed bumper-to-bumper from the prince william parkway to lorton. and then continuing from the fairfax county parkway it is a crawl. extra 15 to 20 minutes to make it to the beltway and cross over the springfield interchange. let's take it to maryland. 270 southbound under sunny skies. looks like drivers are dragging between father hurley to the split. also another delay before that. we are seeing a good amount of congestion between route 80 and 895 thanks to an earlier accident. back to you. thousands of people who work for the district government actually live in maryland oror virginia. today the city will consider hitting those people with a
6:31 am
commuter tax. kristin fisher has a preview. >> reporter: good morning. this could potentially affect teachers, principals, janitors, police officers, anybody who works for dc city government, but who doesn't live in the city. now opponents of the proposal argue that it is simply not fair. after all many of these people are blue collar workers who commute because living in the city is simply too expensive. yesterday we caught up with several city workers at judiciary square to see what i think of the so-called commuter tax and it seems reaction is mixed. >> i feel it is not fair. >> i think there should be a toll booth. >> it is terrible. >> people who come in and use the road like me and use the roads and police protection and so forth. someone has to pay for it so there are 0 both sides of the argument. >> reporter: on the other side of the argument the supporter of the proposal harry thomas. he dunn call it a commuter tax. he calls it a pay at the source
6:32 am
tax. his rationale is if the dc government is paying your salary the dc government should be able to tax it. 70% of employees live outside of the city limits which means that 70% represents earnings of $1 billion that is outside of the reach of dc tax laws. if passed the tax will bring in $70 million. that's not the only controversial proposal that dc city council members will be considering. this morning they will be looking at extending the city's 6% sales tax to sodas and other nonalcoholic beverages with natural or artificial sweeteners. so two controversial taxes and they will be voted on this morning, right here at the john a wilson building. back to you. >> thank you. gad news for people who drive and park in the district. a proposal which would have raised rates to $3 an hour is expected to be rejected by members of the council.
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the washington examiner is reporting that vincent gray submitted a draft budget which does not call for an increase in downtown parking fees. it could be smoother sailing for drivers using route 1 in virginia. officials are pushing to get a federal grant to widen the highway between prince william and stafford county. it comes as thousands of federal workers are expected to move to the region as part of the base reape linement. it would make route 1 a six lane highway. police in prince georges county are investigating a suspicious death. officers found a 49-year-old man dead inside of a rosery store on the 1300 block of ninth street in bowie, maryland yesterday. he had obvious signs of head that ma but the cause of death has not been determined. the police have not released the victim's name or details surrounding the case. maryland police concluded an investigation in to the
6:34 am
missing video. despite a court's subpoena 90 minutes of tape was not initially provided to defense attorneys. it featured pictures hoff the disturbance between student and police following the duke game in march. you have seen the listing. madonna walk through and found what may be your dream home until you move in and learn the story behind that for sale sign. lesli foster brings you a safe and sound report that every potential home buyer should see before they close the deal. >> i wanted a place where it was quiet. >> reporter: a tranquil community, tucked away from the big city hustle and bustle. so the woman we'll call beth and her family settle in to a fairfax county neighborhood earlier this year. >> he went room to room. >> reporter: beth never saw this report, but her neighbors lived through it. >> reporter: this man, once stayed in her great falls home when the previous owner invited him in.
6:35 am
on christmas day 2005, he fatally shot price, her son and a friend at the family's second home less than a mile away and then killed himself. >> i would not have bought this house if i had known. >> reporter: beth is not the only opinion to buy a home in the area without fully knowing the history. murdered dc school principal brian betts learned about the killings of a father and daughter after he bought his silver spring home. >> there was blood everywhere throughout the house. >> reporter: the vicious family murders in ' 76 rocked one bethesda neighborhood. decades later another family looked forward to creating new memories. they wouldn't talk on camera but say they are not bothered by the home's violent history. >> the seller does not have to disclose that. >> reporter: this realtor says if a buyer doesn't ask, a seller's agent doesn't have to tell. >> we have good disclosure laws but they don't really allow for stigmatized properties. >> here's what a seller has to disclose, a crack in the
6:36 am
foundation, problems with the wiring, any material defect with the home but the law does not require them to tell you about a murder, a rape or any felony that occurred on the property but if a buyers agent finds out they can and should tell you. >> drug offense, alreadyny, assault. >> the ownous is on you to find out the background of your purchase. ask an officer or consult the web to get a clearer picture. >> they will call this office and ask what can you tell me about the neighborhood? >> it is great falls. who would think that something like this could have taken place? >> reporter: every home as a story. the homeowners we talked to now know the unthinkable can happen anywhere. lesli foster, 9 news now. >> only two states in the country require realtors to disclose something that codist stigmatize a house within 12 months of the event. homeowner we talked to say
6:37 am
although they wish they would have known about it they would not want to disclose these events when they become sellers. amityville horror home is on sale. 1 pine $5 million. ghosts are not included. it goes by many names, sauce watch, getty an big foot and some think it is calling spotsylvania county home. why people think that and how many times it has been reportedly spotted. this
6:38 am
afternoon upper 80s to maybe 90 degrees. big solid delay in virginia from 95 starting around the fairfax county parkway. continuing on to 395 toward king street. you are looking at plus 25 to 30 minutes thanks to an earlier accident. it has been pushed to the right shoulder. problems on 66, mainly we are dealing with slow goes here. route 29 to 28 and fairfax county parkway to nutley and finally, virginia inner loop and outer loop are checking out okay between braddock and 66. 9 news now will be right back.
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we go to the top of the charts. the hottest down loads on itunes. another week at number one for katie perry. her hit "california gurls "is
6:43 am
the top song. glee the music, volume 3 from the hit tv show. and when it comes to tv shows the lost finale is the hottest down load. in 17 minutes, we go to new york for the "early show." here with a preview is maggie rodriguez. good morning. >> good morning. coming up this morning, something you have probably seen but never really noticed, those wooden pallets that carry your food. they contain dangerous bacteria as our consumer investigation revealed this morning and susan will have the results. and meet a home alone hero. a 12-year-old girl called 911 after three men broke in the house when she was there by herself. and sex and the city week continues here on the "early show." today we have miranda talking about the movie and much more. it is this wednesday on the "early show." hope you will all stay tuned. >> thank you, maggie. we will be watching. we, in the news business,
6:44 am
often get reports of sightings of sasquatch but there is an apparent hot spot in spotsylvania county that has sod many sightings it is studied by big foot experts. lindsey mastis takes us deep in the woods around lake anna. >> there have been 14 sightings within a five mile radius. that's when it started off in a dead run. >> reporter: sasquatch lives in these woods. these what billy beliefs he runs sasquatch watch of v.a. somewhere in 2009 we had three witnesses come forward and report to us that they had a sighting of a large creature on two legs and it was hairy. >> reporter: he says the witnesses are too embarrassed to come forward publicly. >> they have already suffered ridicule if their own family. >> reporter: many times they use a tree sand, like the one i'm in and it gives a good view of this part of the forest but there are thousands of achiers and if sasquatch is out here he
6:45 am
could be anywhere. >> i have five game cameras out here now. they are all triggers, of course, by motion and heat. >> reporter: while there is footage out there, willard wants to get his own. although he hasn't caught sasquatch on camera yet he may be getting close. >> we have found a footprint here alongside the pond. >> sasquatch. that's a little much. >> i guess it is fun to put cameras around and play around in the woods but that's it. playing in the woods. >> reporter: even though many people are skeptical, willard is hope nfl these woods the truth will be discovered. >> no. you are not crazy. you did see something. >> reporter: in spotsylvania county, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> if you see something willard has a hotline so people can call in and report sightings anonymously. you can get that number at what do you think about that? >> i think there are a lot of mysteries this world holds.
6:46 am
i'm open to the possibility. >> absolutely. you will reveal a mystery for us today what the weather will be like. >> a toasty warm day, almost hot depending on your definition as temperatures will climb well to the 80s if not tickle the 90-degree mark today and i think low 90s on thursday. the good news as we look at the forecast is that by friday we will cool down. in fact it will be a lot cooler on friday in the 70s with showers an. maybe a rumble of thunder. a back door cold front comes in from the north northeast opposed to the west. it will be the culprits for the coolness and showers. the bus stop forecast, partly cloudy, call it mild, 50s and 60s out there. comfortable. a patch or two of fog to the west and south. sun came up an hour ago. getting in to the longest daylight days of the year. mostly sunny, hot this afternoon. a stray thunderstorm is possible near 90. most of us near 90 before the day is out. partly cloudy, muggy and mild
6:47 am
tonight. stray thunderstorm, 66 to 73. northwest winds at five. ten more than this morning. talked about the fog. we can see it to the west. coming up in martinsburg. hagertown a quarter mile. winchester at a half. zero in stanton. tappahannock is improving at five. bill in newland said fog rolled in toward him. in the next hour with the sun coming up you should do better quickly. 55 manassas and martinsburg. 57 gaithersburg. lou anne is 62. heard from charlie in catlett. he is the 50s with a lot of dew but not fog there. nice morning from all of our weather watchers out there. even jan in reedville in the low 60s as is national at 64. winds are calm. those light winds and high humidity are one of the reasons we have patchy fog to the west. look at the moisture at the outer bank ofltion the carolinas a little to southeastern virginia. we have taken the moisture which is headed to us and but
6:48 am
are pushed it south. still with that easterly component. winds will turn and we will see more sunshine. the models over do it a little bit on the development of storms tomorrow. today fairly quiet. tomorrow while we will see storms in the afternoon, i don't think i don't know if it will be this widespread but something we will be watching with the heat and a couple of strong storms possible. saturday looks delightful. warmer on sun and monday for the holiday could be a stray storm in the upper 80s. we have new incidents that have popped up in our viewing region. first go ahead and start with the biggest delays out there. 39 a 5 northbound. this will affect a lot of people. we have drivers that are slow as we take you outside from the beltway to king street approaching the 14th street bridge. actually starts way before this on 95. as we switch the camera over and that's where we are tracking that solid slow go that now stretches from lorton to the mixing bowl. back to the maps we go.
6:49 am
50 westbound at 202. right now the road is close because of an accident and still seeing delays on the red line here and lingering delays between judiciary square and new york avenue and delays in both delays at union station thanks to track issues that have been now resolved. dc school officials say they may never know who used the link and password to steal 1500 free tickets to tonight's stevie wonder concert. he is performing as part of the abe pollin's departing gift. the capital area food bank is sending 500 people to the concert. dc teacher and staff members had been given 1500 tickets along with a link and pass word for down loading the tickets. for the drawing someone stole the information and the tickets. across the city teachers, coaches and teachers are disappointed. >> for someone to take
6:50 am
something that is to uplift our spirits. we work extremely hard and so underappreciated as teachers. >> all the teachers deserve to go. so deserving and for someone to do that, i mean, why would you need 900 tickets? >> reason have been center and wizards were able to come up with an additional 600 tickets for dc schools but that means the employees selected will be given one ticket instead of two. in sports the nationals first road trip out west is underway. they are facing the giants, a team they have only beaten twice in 13 tries. now make it two out of 14. the double capped off a four run fifth for san francisco. washington loses 4-2. the nba western conference finals are tied up at two apiece. stottlemyre scored 21 points for phoenix. suns topped the lakers 115-106. game five is tomorrow night. our time is 6:51.
6:51 am
we are 64 degrees here in northwest washington. last december's snowstorm feels like a distant memory. in three menominees how much money is coming our way to pay for the cleanup. we'll be right back.
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here's what is in in the news now. bp will try to stop the oil spewing out the well. they will try to force mud and cement this to the breach. eleanor holmes norton is meeting with the cdc after a report showed misleadings finding on lead in the tap water water. a nice morning across most of area. a patch of fog out there. sunny sky and a one. upper 80 to near 90 with a slim chance of a storm this afternoon. angie will have one more look at the traffic and i will have
6:55 am
the different day forecast when 9 news now returns.
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a sneak peek in the expansion of the marine corps museum. this is the interactive world war i exhibit. it is part of three new areas of the museum in triangle, virginia. it is open in the pun lick next month. the next six weeks theostat chew at the vietnam veterans memorial will get a makeover. it is called three servicemen. it has been exposed to the elements for 35 years they will repair the damage and restore the original look. it should be ready around the 4th of july. talking about traffic. the prince william parkway on 95 don'ting on though 395 toward king street.
6:59 am
you are just bumper-to-bumper. it is a jam up. 45 minutes to make it through that. thanks to earlier accidents past duke street here everything is off to the shoulder. two accidents in maryland. a 0 westbound at 202. losing the left lane. drivers are backed up to 410. central avenue is closed at addison road to get around this use shady grove to walker mill to access brook road so you can get around it. on the outer loop looking at 15 minutes from 95 to georgia and looks like we need the sun shades. >> definitely an the sunscreen if you are going to be outside. near 90 today and low 90s tomorrow. tomorrow we will see a couple of strong storms and cooler and damp on friday. >> a last look at a sky 9 shot. these people are lining up at the chick-fil-a in brandywine,


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